New Outfits for Free!

Don’t you love that feeling when you KNOW what you are wearing looks good on you?  You get complements and you kind of feel that glow.  It’s not actually a feeling I get very often as I am stylistically challenged.  I know that I shouldn’t be!  Apparently I am an X body type, according to Shari Braendel who I recently heard speak about dressing for your colours and body type.  (Thank you Amy B for sharing that with us!) An X can wear just about anything.  But that’s my problem!  I can wear horrendous, or old fashioned, or ikky colour and just not realise!

However, armed with great advice from Shari, I was eager to have a go at Amy Bayliss’ latest Homemaker’s challenge. Our challenge was:

Your Homemaker’s Challenge is to add 3 new outfits to your wardrobe BUT, you can’t spend any money. Get creative. Swap clothes with your sister, your friends, or shop your very own closet! I know you have stuff in there that you forgot about. You can even remake some clothes out of what is in your closet! It is totally up to you but you must add three new outfits to your circulation of clothes you wear regularly.

Outfit One

My first outfit was a remake.  For years I have had this LBD in my closet because everyone says, “You have to have a LBD in your closet.”  The thing is…it didn’t fit (2 sizes too big) and I didn’t like the neckline or the sleeves.  Useful huh! I had it on a pile of things to get send to the Opportunity Shop last week and kept it on a whim to see if I could do something with it.  Then Amy’s challenge came and I set to with the quick un pick.


Outfit Two

I’ve dabbled in brown before but I’ve never really embraced it so this pair of pants was at the bottom of the draw.  This shirt I haven’t really worn since my MIL gave it to me quite a long time ago.  On Shari’s advice for redheads I decided to give brown another go.  And..


OutFit Three

Okay, this is where I need your help everyone!  The shirt I quite like as it’s not quite white, more of a goldy cream tinge.  It looks quite good on its own with the pants but then I saw this vest and I thought I’d take a risk and get some opinions.  Is it a keeper or should it go out! out! out!  Belt or no belt?  After my daughter took these photos I undid it and it looked quite different just hanging.  What do you think everyone?  Time to help out a stylistically challenged friend!







(Encourage me judges!)




About justdabblin

Hi, I am a Christian woman, married to a great guy, who is the assistant pastor of a small church in Invercargill, New Zealand. We have 4 very active, outgoing children, whom we home educate. Our third child has Down syndrome and he keeps me very busy all on his own! I feel very busy and so I don't have time for a blog! So this blog is just for my own enjoyment and outlet and probably won't have a lot of input. If you happen across it I hope you may find something to make you smile.
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7 Responses to New Outfits for Free!

  1. Christin says:

    I like the belt on the last one!!

    Nice outfits and love the LBD. I don’t own a LBD. May have to change that!

  2. Love all your outfits. They are really great. This is inpsiring me to look more closely at prints and stuff when I go shopping again.

  3. Star says:

    Very cute! I definitely like the last one with the belt…but this is coming from and extremely fashion challenged individual so you might want to get someone else’s opinion!

    By the way, I think you look great in brown!

  4. Crystal Hayduk says:

    I think you look fabulous in brown, and I like the vest WITH the belt better. I also consider myself fashion-challenged, but I have Shari’s earlier book, and she did my colors when I saw her at an event in 2008, so I’m learning!

  5. Oh, you did awesome. I still haven’t got to watch/listen to Shari. I tried 3 times, and kept getting called away from the computer. I never got past Amy’s intro. The black dress with the green shawl (?…I think that’s what you call that) looks very classy on you. The brown is a great color for you, and looks comfy. I like the vest with the belt, as others said. I think you’re hubby needs to take you out for a date in all three outfits…so that means three date nights to wear all three outfits.

  6. Connie Corey says:

    Definitely with the belt. You did great on the challenge!

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