“You live WHERE?”

Confession Time

America is a great place and Americans are great people!  I can say that with experience, I actually lived there for 12 months when I was “younger” (actually it’s nearly 30 years ago now…hmm..I really was younger!).  Yes the US of A is a great place, but I thought I just needed to confess, to front up and let you all know – I’m not American.  I’m a Kiwi.  Now for those not accustomed to that term, a Kiwi is a national of New Zealand.  (It is also the national bird of New Zealand and the kiwifruit is commonly called a kiwi overseas.)




A Land of Mystery (to most people in the world anyway!)

Now I am well aware, having lived in the US and in Japan that New Zealand doesn’t actually feature high on the familiarity ratings outside of Australasia.  I have been asked if I’ve ever met the Queen (who lives in England, a long, long way away from NZ) and if NZ is a part of Australia (very touchy question…never go there with a kiwi!).  So.. being the homeschooling Mum (Kiwi for Mom) that I am I thought it might be fun to do some blogs now and then introducing you to life in New Zealand, some of our culture, geography, home educating life, recipes and other day to day things.  You can call the kids over, read the posts, click a few links and call it geography for the day!

So now you know our national bird, one of our fruits and the slang term for a native New Zealander – are you feeling educated already!  Let me know if there is anything else you really want to know about.  In the mean time – “Haere Ra” from New Zealand.  (Maori  for goodbye to someone leaving.)



About justdabblin

Hi, I am a Christian woman, married to a great guy, who is the assistant pastor of a small church in Invercargill, New Zealand. We have 4 very active, outgoing children, whom we home educate. Our third child has Down syndrome and he keeps me very busy all on his own! I feel very busy and so I don't have time for a blog! So this blog is just for my own enjoyment and outlet and probably won't have a lot of input. If you happen across it I hope you may find something to make you smile.
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