Perfect Ideal or Yummy Reality?

You may wonder why I would start my first ever blog with a cupcake theme?  I give all credit to Amy over at Check out her first challenge here. I have resisted blogging for years.  I’ve been one of those “appreciaters”.  You know the type, “I wouldn’t do it myself but I “appreciate” those who do.”  And so I have been busy appreciating Amy’s blog and now she has started up this homemaker’s challenge.  I thought this was a pretty cool idea, until I realised that to be really involved I actually had to have a blog.   Hmm.  Well, Amy, you have managed to do what my father-in-law and a few others have never managed to.. Never say never eh!  I now have a blog!

Anyway, onto cupcakes.  Amy has challenged us to create a cupcake that tells everyone about who we are.  Well, my mind went wild.  I imagined stuffing my children into a toy barrel and making my husband lie as the icing on the top..but I knew it wouldn’t happen – with four kids and a rather large husband – I’ll let you picture it!  Then I got to really thinking.  I saw the picture Amy had up of beautiful cupcakes, they looked great.  Perfect even.  And then I knew what I had to do.  So here are the two pictures which sum up my approach to life, if I am honest.

The first is the pile of recipe books, with beautiful, perfect pictures and all the right instructions for the best, most delicious and PERFECT cupcakes. The pile of books I would read, imagining how great those cupcakes were going to be and spending hours planning what I would do with them and what little extras I could put on.

The second is the plate of microwave brownies I actually made for church lunch today with the ten minutes I had available!

That’s me!  I love to spend hours reading blogs, books, listening to talks, doing Bible studies… researching and planning the best methods and strategies for living life PERFECTLY.  I get all these plans for homeschooling, wifeing (I know that’s not a word!), mothering, special needs teaching strategies, being a great friend, Christian, Study group leader, pastor’s wife etc.  But so often, when it comes time to put it into practice, I actually only have time and energy to make the microwave brownies I know.

I’m a work in progress, and every now and then I do get to branch out a bit and grow in some area (Hey, I’ve actually written nearly one whole blog post!) but in the meantime, those brownies were still pretty yummy!                

(encourage me judges please.  I have no idea what I am doing with regard to blogging rules so have a field day!)


About justdabblin

Hi, I am a Christian woman, married to a great guy, who is the assistant pastor of a small church in Invercargill, New Zealand. We have 4 very active, outgoing children, whom we home educate. Our third child has Down syndrome and he keeps me very busy all on his own! I feel very busy and so I don't have time for a blog! So this blog is just for my own enjoyment and outlet and probably won't have a lot of input. If you happen across it I hope you may find something to make you smile.
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12 Responses to Perfect Ideal or Yummy Reality?

  1. Oh Ruth! You are already doing great and I love what you have done with the challenge. You really made it yours and you pulled it off well! AND… I want one of those brownies. Yeah, can you say “weakness”? mmm hmm.

  2. justdabblin says:

    Thanks for the encouragement Amy.

  3. Jami says:

    Well this is a very good second post! I love your writing…it really sucks you into the story and I think this is the perfect entry into this challenge. Great job 🙂

    Jami @Intentionally Living…

  4. Christin says:

    Wow, you sound like me!!! I actually have a blog post in the works along the lines of “microwave mothering”. Yea, I’m really talking to myself in it, but thought I’d post it in case it might help someone else. It’s not up yet, but it’s coming lol!

    Good job!!! 🙂

  5. Molly Green says:

    Very cute! And so true.

  6. myfullcup says:

    I have learned there are seasons of microwave brownies and seasons of going all out and creating the perfect cupcake. No matter what season of life we are in, we need to accept it and serve God and others.

  7. Bev says:

    I have a blog that is never used cause i’m honestly just not a writer. But, i get so blessed reading the blogs of others. Your post is so “me”! Thank you for sharing.

  8. Angie P says:

    Brownies are yummy and I love to read cookbooks and blogs too!

  9. I loved learning about you and your family. This challenge is awesome. I look forward to seeing your next entry in the challenge!

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